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Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala

Why are there so many Chevrolet Impalas on sales these days?

First, let us talk about the Impala. It is Chevrolet's large sedan designed to seat five-to-six people that have been the standard car for families, businesspeople and fleets across the country. 

But, there is a lot more about the Impala that you might or might not know. For example, the nameplate has been around since 1958, when it was given the status of the most luxurious Chevrolet in the lineup. They remained that way until 1965, when a model was introduced – called the Caprice. Since then, the Impala meant high value with the right level of equipment to satisfy everyone's taste. 

In the 1960s, the Impala became one of the big players in the muscle car movement. The Super Sport, also known as the SS, began the craze by putting high horsepower V8s underneath the hood of these special Impalas. Impala SS models also included bucket seats, floor shifters, wider tires and other performance enhancements that distinguished it from anyone on the street – or the drag strip. 

The Impala name remained on Chevrolet's full-sized cars until 1985, when it was called the Caprice Classic from then onward. The Impala SS name reappeared on a limited run of the Caprice from 1994 to 1996. It was only available in a 5.7 liter V8 with the same formula as the old SS models, but with a completely modern twist. 

The Impala name returned for good in 1999 when it was introduced on a smaller full-sized platform replacing the Lumina lineup. From 2000, the Impala served as a leader in this segment with high volumes throughout the decade. The formula remained the same: Five-to-six passenger comfort, a powerful engine – this time a standard V6 – and sharp styling. This became the first Impala with front-wheel drive. The SS did return for 2004 with a supercharged V6 instead of a V8. 

The return of the V8 happened when the next Impala debuted for 2006. The SS had a 5.3 liter version of the small block and some high performance enhancements to handle the larger engine. Regular Impalas still had a V6 standard with same attributes as the previous model, but with a sleeker look and more useful interior. 

The reason why so many Impalas appear at Knoxville Auto Brokers is because General Motors made so many of them. While some went to retail customers as new, others went into fleets. Government agencies, rental car companies and other businesses used Impalas as their “bread and butter” vehicle due to its size, spacious interior and trunk space. These were the same attributes retail buyers found in their Impalas. All Impalas came with power windows, power door locks with a remote key fob, air conditioning, rear defroster, automatic transmission, cruise control. Most likely the ones you will see with us will be equipped with power seats, steering wheel controls, OnStar and satellite radio (a subscription will need to be purchased separately for these two features). 

Recent model Impalas were sold with the trim levels LS, LT and LTZ. The LTZ model features additional luxury items, such as leather seats and a moonroof. The same body style was sold beyond 2014, when the Impala changed into its current model. Those models are called the Limited and feature a lot of the equipment and quality as the 2006-2014 Impalas. Though they sold to fleets exclusively, Impala Limiteds are considered one of the best buys among pre-owned cars today. 

Impalas really do hold up well. They have sturdy bodies and subframes, solid engines and transmissions and good materials inside the cabin and trunk. They are great for everything – taking kids to school, commuting, long trips and big shopping runs. Impalas are smooth riding cars that are relaxing to drive and enjoy every mile in. 

At Knoxville Auto Brokers, there is a good selection of trucks available to check out. If the Chevrolet Impala is the choice, there will be one at the right direct, hassle free price.